Painting Minis – My First Attempt

Several months ago, in the dead of winter, I really wanted an activity that I could do indoors that would interest me.  Since I enjoy fantasy-themed writing, artwork, and games, it led me into painting miniatures.  Minis are typically for tabletop RPGs, but I figured I would just pick a few up and enjoy painting them as little pieces of art.

Now, months later with lots of reading and some practice, I’m slowly improving my painting skills.

Here’s the first mini that I painted.  He’s an elf paladin from Reaper that I snagged for only a couple dollars.  I still didn’t understand the use of dry-brushing or washes, or even highlighting.  So, he’s a little bit rough, in terms of visual appeal.  But, I like the color scheme, and I learned a lot while painting him.

Paladin 1 Paladin 2

First up, his initial base coating of main colors.  (Sorry for blowing out all the highlights! I was still learning a lot about taking good photos, too.)

Paladin 3 Paladin 4


Then came the rest of the details, particularly the peacock on his shield and also his sword.  I also added the reddish-brown color for brick on the base.

Paladin 5 Paladin 6

I finished up with a black wash to darken in the shadows.  This worked really well on his armor, but it left some splotches on large, smooth areas, like his cape. I would definitely try to only keep it in the folds next time around. I might even try to use layering to give a shadow effect without worrying about the wash messing anything up.

So, there it is.  My first attempt at painting a mini.  Looking back, it turned out pretty good, for a first try.  Next up?  Space marines!


2 thoughts on “Painting Minis – My First Attempt

    • Thanks, Daniel, and I’m glad you found my blog! My technique could have been better on this mini, but I’m still very happy with it as my first attempt. I actually have more posts on the way for minis that I’ve already painted. But, I have lots more that I still need to paint up. I’m seeing this blog as a sort of journal of how my painting skills evolve over time, so I’ll be interested to see where I am in six months or a year, as I continue painting. Stay tuned for more on my painting adventures!


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