D&D Sessions as Episodes

I’m still very new to D&D and RPGs, but I’m already discovering various things that I enjoy about them.  There are so many ways to approach running a game, from a DM’s perspective, that it can almost seem overwhelming.  But the game I’m currently playing (also my very first!) has a small, but interesting twist on beginning gaming sessions.

Our DM has come up with the idea of presenting the recap at the beginning of the session almost like a TV show would have a recap at the beginning of the episode.  Often times, he’ll even start with, “Last time on…”.  It’s amusing, but it’s a fun and different way to start off.  And we typically end in some type of cliffhanger.  “We’ve been spotted!”  “What happened to Jim?!”

And this makes total sense.  As a player or a DM, it may be hard to remember all of the details from session to session, especially when they’re spread out a couple weeks apart.  But presenting the recap in a fun and familiar way can often times jog the memory a bit and help you recall what your missions or goals are, how you ended up in (insert town here), or who various characters were around town.  It still helps to take notes, though…  I picked up a small notebook so I could remember everything.  Otherwise I’ll constantly be saying, “Who was that guy at the inn again..?  The one who told us to do (insert thing here)?”

So, on that note, what various techniques or methods have you or your DM’s used to set your games apart from the average D&D (or other RPG) game?  I’d love to hear about them in the comments below.


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