Painting Minis – D&D Wrath of Ashardalon #1 – Snakes

Snakes! Why’d it have to be snakes..?

Painting minis can get expensive, if you keep buying all sorts of stuff.  But paints can last a while, whereas you’ll need to buy minis each time you want to paint.  So, instead of buying individual minis, I picked up one of the Dungeons & Dragons adventure board games called Wrath of Ashardalon.  The game itself is kinda fun, but I wanted the stash of 40+ minis inside the box so I could paint all of them.  In fact, I think each of the D&D games has around 40 or more miniatures in them.  And at around $40-$50 per game (or more, depending on where you look), that’s a steal compared to buying individual minis.

I figured I would start with something simple: snakes.  I considered various color schemed, figuring I could go any which way since they were probably of magical origin anyway.  (How else would they get that big?)  But, I settled on something relatively traditional, and went with green as my main color.

They actually ended up being a lot more work than I anticipated, just because of all the tiny dots.  I applied lighter green to all dots along the lines, and yellow to all dots in between.  Dry-brushing added highlights to any ridges.  And a slightly lighter color added highlights to the top of each of the belly sections.  Finally, I filled in the eyes, added white to the fangs, and painted a dark red inside the mouth.

Snakes 1 - Primed

Here’s a shot with the base coat.  I use Rustoleum’s Ultra-Cover 2X primers for my minis.  In this case, it’s supposed to be a flat black, though I think I went a tad heavy and it made it slightly glossy.

Snakes 2 - Base colors

Next, I added my base colors.  I went with a nice, darker green for the body, and a custom-mixed yellow for the belly.

Snakes 3 - Highlights

Finally, I lightened up the base colors just a touch and added highlights and dry-brushing.  I also used a lighter green color to make all of the spines pop.  The yellow dots are the same as the belly color.  I also finished up the eyes, mouth, and fangs.


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