Painting Minis – D&D Wrath of Ashardalon #2 – Kobolds

Continuing on with the painting of Wrath of Ashardalon, I went looking for something a little less time-consuming than the snakes.  (I’m trying to paint the creatures in their sets of 3 or 4.)  In the end, I settled on the Kobolds, the strange, little, reptilian humanoid creatures that love to set traps and ambush anyone in their territory.  I also included the Kobold Dragonlord, since the color scheme would be very similar.

I ended up using a deep purple color for their skin, going off of what is depicted in the new 5th Edition D&D books.  Unfortunately, their facial features were a bit distorted on one side.  But, I managed to get most of the features to come out by using a heavier black wash.  Metallic silver went on the armor.  Dirty bone was applied to the skull shield.  And the Dragonlord got a leather color in some areas, like the backpack and part of the shield.  A little white for his teeth capped things off.

To finish, I used some really fine sand/gravel that I just scooped up around the apartments to base the minis.  A little watered-down white glue will hold that on just fine.  Oftentimes, you’ll see some powdery stuff just sitting along the curb as the asphalt wears down.  I also nabbed a handful of play sand from the nearby volleyball court, in case I want more of a brown base.  I like how it turned out.

Overall, these guys really aren’t too complex.  They still require some effort, but not nearly as much as the snakes did.

I know…  not exactly spectacular little creatures.  But I think they look pretty good.  The next post will be great.  I promise!

Kobolds - Group 2

Kobolds - Group 3


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