Are you a nerd or a geek?

The Mrs. ran across a very interesting blog post about the differences between the words nerd and geek.  I’ve always considered myself to be a bit of both, and that they were quite similar to each other (if not synonyms).  It turns out there are some fundamental differences, at least according to this quick research.  Take a look!

On “Geek” Versus “Nerd” | Slackpropogation


I have plenty of interests and hobbies that could fall under either category.  I enjoy woodworking, gathering knowledge about tools and learning the skills required to use them.  (nerd)  I love aquariums, both saltwater and freshwater, and understanding how they support a small ecosystem.  (nerd)  Then there’s beer-brewing.  I love learning about various styles of beer, tasting all types of beer (geek), how/where they originate (geek), how they are brewed (nerd), and how to come up with my own recipes (nerd).  There’s also the chemistry involved in brewing beer, the various ingredients (hops, yeast, grain, water), and how to adjust the chemistry to fit certain regions of the world (very much nerd).

So, while I have both nerdery and geekery in my blood, I suppose I tend to lean more toward the nerd side of things.  I love to learn how things work, gathering knowledge and skills.  I enjoy a little history or trivia, but not nearly as much.

So, which one are you?  A nerd?  Perhaps a geek?  Maybe even a bit of both?


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