Painting Minis – D&D Wrath of Ashardalon #5 – Legion Devils

Time to get just a little bit devilish.  In fact, I chose the Legion Devils as my next set to paint up.  I was a bit unsure about how to paint these guys, and I didn’t find a lot out there when I searched for inspiration.  But, I wanted to stay on course and continue painting, so I just went for it.

Legion Devil - FrontI went with a simple red, black, and silver color scheme.  I stuck to the typical red-skinned devil.  It’s a little cliche, but whatever.  I also added the red accent to the shield.  For the armor, I went with a metallic paint.  I did see a few examples that had black armor, but I was concerned that it wouldn’t really show much of the detail on the mini, so I stuck to the metallic armor, which I think worked out well.  Lastly, I used black for the cloth/leather.  Again, I’m feeling like some of the detail gets lost here.  I tried highlighting a little using a dark gray, just to make high points stand out a little more.  Then I hit the horns with a dirty bone color and just a tad of dry-brushing to make the horns look a little more realistic.  Usually horns have some grain or color to them, which is what I was trying to achieve.  I also guessed that the belt area had a small skull on it, so I hit that with the dirty bone color, as well.  To finish up, I hit the entire mini with a black wash for shading.  It really helps to show some depth and shadow on the armor, as well as on the face and limbs.

Legion Devil - RearAs on the previous minis, I’m then coating everything with a glossy clear coat for protection, and then I hit them with the Anti-Shine to remove the gloss.  The Anti-Shine helps to mute the metallic flake, as well, making the metallic colors look more realistic.  They still have a metallic look to them, but they don’t have that sparkle that makes the paint look really artificial.

I think the only issue I have is that the mouth isn’t really well-defined.  I was hoping the wash would fill it in, but it didn’t show as much as I had wanted.  I had tried painting the mouth on one of the minis, but it was very difficult to get a super-fine line that didn’t look weird.  In the end, I just skipped it and hoped for the best, covering up the one mouth I did try to paint with red again.

It’s not a terribly complicated paint job, but I think it works.

(FYI, I decided that from here on out there’s no need to photograph all three of minis in each set, if they’re all identical.  But, I’ll definitely do so when the minis are different from each other.)



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