Writing Your Own Single-Player Adventures

I’ve been working on putting together my very first adventure for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition.  While I’ve played for a short while while, I have never run a game as a DM.  But my conundrum was that I don’t really have many people to  play through an adventure, aside from Mrs. DM.  So, I set out to write a short adventure to test out the waters of being a DM, while only having to manage playing with one PC.

It did start coming together, but it was quite a challenge to come up with ways to move the adventure along without using combat all of the time.  With only a single PC, I don’t want them constantly fighting.  And I don’t want them to have an entire party of NPCs fighting alongside them all of the time.  This meant getting creative.

Most of the adventure will involve stealth, intrigue, puzzle-solving, finding clues, etc.  Sure, there will be some combat here and there, of course.  But an adventure like this calls for more ingenuity when coming up with scenes and locations.

I’m not ready to share my adventure, yet, as we haven’t even played through it, yet.  But once I test it out a bit, I plan to share what I’ve put together to get some feedback.

Have you written or played any single-PC adventures?  Or games with small parties?  How’d they go?  Any advice to give a DM attempting to run them?  And if they’re published, where’d you find them?


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