Painting Minis – Dwarf Cleric

Dwarf Cleric - FrontIt’s been too long since I’ve painted up a mini. But, with moving, the holidays, and catching a cold, it’s made it tough to get motivated to paint.

With the new year upon us, it’s time to get back to it!

This mini was chosen to match my wife’s D&D character, a dwarf fighter. The mini is from the Reaper Bones line, and is the character Barden Barrelstrap, a dwarf cleric. It was tough to find a dwarf fighter in the local game shop, so we settled on this guy as being close enough.

The missus chose the color scheme to be blue and gold, and the dwarf would have rusty-red hair.

Dwarf Cleric - Back

This one I sort of chose paints on-the-fly. (FYI, I use all Reaper Master Series paints right now.) It was hard to really match anything in particular. So, I mixed quite a bit to get the various colors needed. But, in general, the golden armor scales were painted with Mustard Yellow and then I used Pale Saffron as the highlights. The blue cape was a blend of layers ranging from Solid Blue deep in the folds to Dragon blue in between and lastly Ice Blue as the highlights. I also went with a mix of Rusty Red and Harvest Brown as the base of the hair. I then went to Fireball Orange for the highlights.

I tried to follow guidelines laid out by various painters and went with underneath areas first. So, I painted in this order: skin, armor, coat, warhammer, leathers (gloves, belt, pouches, etc.), cape, hair. This sequence worked really well, in that I could cover mistakes or paint that went outside the intended areas when I painted up the next layer.

I avoided washes, for the most part. I’ve had difficulty with washes leaving a ring of pigment around the area they are applied. I still haven’t figured out how to avoid that problem.  I need to be better at layering the paints in the folds of the cape, as some areas look half dry-brushed over.  But, it’s harder to notice when you’re not magnifying the issue.

Overall, I’m really happy with Barden. And I’m glad to get back to painting again.  I have plenty more on the list, so keep your eyes peeled for more!

Happy New Year, everyone!


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