Painting Minis – D&D Wrath of Ashardalon #8 – Orc Archers

Finally back to painting the WoA minis again!  I really need to keep going with these so I can finish up the set.  To continue the saga, I chose the Orc Archers.  The color scheme will be very similar to the Orc Smashers I painted earlier.

Orc Archer 1 - SmSpeaking of colors, I really should put down in writing a few of the ratios I’ve been using to create various paint colors.  (Just to reiterate, I use Reaper Master Series paints for almost everything.)  In particular for the orcs, I’ve been using about 6 parts of Mossy Green to 1 part Pure Black for the orc skin.  And about 3 parts Harvest Brown to 2 parts Shadowed Stone for leather areas.  For the darker leather on the archers, I went with about 3-4 parts Harvest Brown to 1 part Pure Black.  As usual, just lighten slightly for dry-brushing shades.

I started out with priming.  I’ve been using Rustoleum Painter’s Touch Ultra Cover 2x primers.  Usually I’ll go with black or gray.  But, depending on the mini, I also have white and brown.  (Though, I’ve yet to even use the brown…)

Orc Archer 2 - SmAfter priming, I added the bow string.  It’s pretty simple, really.  Just a short piece of thin fishing line.  Tie a loose knot on each end.  Slip a knot over one side and tighten.  Do the same on the second side.  Then tack it down with a little super glue on the knots and trim the excess line when it’s fully cured.  I probably should have added this before priming, but I didn’t even think about it.  No big deal.  My only concern is that the super glue may not adhere very well, since it’s not touching the plastic.  It’s on top of the primer.  But, I’m sure it’ll be fine.  It’s not like we’ll actually try to shoot arrows with it or anything.  I think…

Anywho….  so, I started out with the skin areas.  Then went on to the leathers.  Finally, I did all of the other details, like the hair, leather studs, the bow and arrows, etc.

I think the toughest area on these minis is between the arm and the body on the side he’s holding the arrows.  Especially on the back.  It’s a really tight area to maneuver a paint brush.  And I didn’t even bother putting eyes in.  I tried on one eye, and it’s just so small that I get paint all over the eye socket.  So, I’ll just leave the eyes black.

To be honest, I only have the one done, so far.  The other two are only partially painted.  But, I was excited to finally have a mini from WoA painted again, so  I decided to post it!  Hope you enjoy the photos!



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