Review – Easy Roller “Mountain o’ Dice”

Easy Roller Dice

I’m gearing up to run my first ever D&D game, and I’m super-excited about it.  It’s only going to be the adventure from the D&D Starter Set, The Lost Mine of Phandelver.  But, I’m really hoping everyone enjoys me as a DM and we all have a great time.

To kick off our first session, I want to do a casual meetup where we create characters, hang out, meet the rest of the group, and get expectations out on the table.  But, I know a couple players are new and I want to really welcome them into D&D.  So I plan to give all of the players a set of polyhedral dice to commemorate my first game and our first session as a group.

I decided on the mountain of dice (what I call it, anyway) from Easy Roller on Amazon.  It’s a dice bag filled with 15 sets of polyhedral dice in random colors.  Each set has d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20, and a percentile dice.  Since they just came, I figured I may as well review them real quickly for you.  (Note:  I’m not affiliated with Easy Roller or Amazon.  This review and the opinions herein are my own.)

Firstly, let me state that I’m very happy with the dice bag.  It’s black micro-suede and lined with a royal blue silky lining.  Overall, it seems like it should hold up well and it’s nice to see a dice bag thrown in for free that doesn’t suck.

On to the dice!

I did, indeed, receive 15 complete sets of dice with no color duplicates. There were 5 solid colors, 4 translucent colors, 3 sparkly colors, and 2 pearlescent colors.  All of the dice look to be in good shape.  I did notice that one die did have a nick on an edge that may have been the gate location at molding.  The translucent dice do show some very small bubbles inside of them, but they’re quite small and there are only one or two in a die, at the most.  Lastly, the painted numbers don’t all have the most-perfect paint in them.  Some are a bit light on the paint, others have a number that fades out a bit at the very end, and some even paint slightly outside the lines.  But overall, nothing really major, and nothing I’d anticipate affecting any die rolls, especially for a casual game.

For the money, I don’t think these can really be beat.  (It’s under $2 per set.)  Being guaranteed complete sets of dice is worth paying a little more than the Chessex Pound-o-Dice, where you only get a random assortment of dice colors and types.

So, if you need several sets for a game, I’d definitely recommend these.  But, don’t anticipate precision or perfection.  They’re average dice sets at an affordable price.


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