Game Night Games – Salt Lake City

GNG_Pano 2

Over the weekend, we took a quick jaunt over to Salt Lake City, UT to relax and do a little sight-seeing.  While we were there, the bug bit us to see if there were any good game stores (FLGS) in the area.  Lo and behold, we ran across Game Night Games.  (Click the pics to view full size images.)

GNG_Pano 1

GNG is a good-sized store with tons of board, card, and miniature games and accessories.  While perusing their selection, I found American and Euro-style board games, tabletop strategy/combat games like X-Wing, and everything in between.  They also have minis, paints (Vallejo, I believe), and plenty of dice for all the RPG’ers.

GNG Game Area

Lastly, they have a great play area in the back of the store that contains numerous tables and a game library.  You can just grab a game and an empty table and sit down to play for a bit.  They even have snacks and beverages.  While we were in the store, we sat down to play a round of Star Realms Colony Wars.  (Great game, btw!  I’ll have to do a tabletop review for it.)  They also had Saturday afternoon Magic: The Gathering going on, still others playing board games, and another group playing a Star Wars miniature game.

Overall, this is an excellent store.  The staff member behind the counter was friendly and helpful.  And it’s clean and well-lit.  If you’re in the area and searching for a good game shop, I’d highly-recommend stopping in.


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