Resources to Expand the Lost Mine of Phandelver

DnD Starter SetI’m just kicking off my very first D&D game being a DM.  I have to say, I’m really excited and a little nervous.  I want to make sure everyone really enjoys the adventure!  So, I decided to do a little digging around and see if there are any ways to spruce up the story a little bit.

Most advice is to simply make up side stories or work in a random encounter or dungeon area that seems cool.  But, I wanted more than that.  I wanted a good reason to pull in various adventures.  And while searching, I ran across a really great blog called My Realms.  It’s chock full of tons of great information about various places in the game, and even additional locations that could be wrapped into the story somehow.  There’s tons of history and lore that the writer dug up from various adventures, settings, and novels to really give you some background.  And they even provide suggestions on how to expand the area by tweaking and pulling in various other adventures.  The idea is to turn this portion of the Sword Coast region into a sandbox for the players to explore, and I think it does a fantastic job.

So, while I do plan to continue to run the adventure as normal (mostly!), I also want to think about how I can continue with everything after the original storyline ends, and what I could possibly squeeze into the middle to make this adventure awesome.

My intentions are to spice up Conyberry with the earthmotes somewhere in the middle of the game, and then move on to Old Owl Well’s forgotten mine after the main story is over, making the forgotten area of OOW a place for characters of 5th level and above.  If all goes well with these two, I’ll report back and share some of the details of how I changed things up!

I’m also psyched that I finally get to use a whole bunch of the minis that come with the D&D adventure board games!  If you’re following along, I’ve been painting minis from the Wrath of Ashardalon set, from which I can use a few of the minis in the adventure.  I also just finished up painting a set of goblins from the Legend of Drizzt to help kick off the first D&D session.  (That’s why I snagged all four of the D&D board games, can you tell?)



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