Painting Minis – Female Bard

Ahh, the bard…  jovial, dramatic, musical geniuses.  They won’t bash heads in a battle, but they can wield wit so fierce that you die from the inside out.  These characters can talk, sing, or act their way through just about any situation.

My wife is playing a bard in our home D&D game, and I wanted her to have a mini.  So, I tracked down a Reaper mini for a female bard, then painted it up.

Bard 2

Overall, I used standard painting techniques.  But, this time I actually used a darker base coat and painted a lighter color over it to help deepen the highlights.  I also made use of the new Vallejo Azure blue that I picked up to paint her shirt.  I really like that color.  Unfortunately, it seems the clear finish may have muted those highlights considerably.  I’ve seen that on other minis, as well.  Something to keep in mind as you paint.  It may help to have more-contrasting highlights to offset the effect of the clear varnish.  In any case, I’m still quite happy with how she turned out.  I also put some light streaks of highlights and bits of red in her hair to give it a little more color variation.

Lastly, this was my first attempt using static grass for the base.  I don’t have the special applicator, so I just dropped some onto the base after applying a bit of white glue.  It looks pretty good, though I wish it would have stood up a bit more.  Perhaps that’s the advantage of using the applicator.  I also hit the mini with Anti-Shine matte varnish after the grass was applied to help it stay put.  I’ll definitely be using more of the static grass for future minis.


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