Painting Minis – Tiefling Rogue

One of the players in my D&D game chose to play a tiefling rogue.  I’m not sure how many of you know what a tiefling is, so here’s a quick rundown: tieflings are a race decended from humans, but having some demonic ancestry.  Typically the demonic portion would have come from ancestors who made some sort of deal with a devil or demon to increase Tiefling 5their power.   For those of you who paint minis, have you ever looked for a mini for a tiefling rogue, let alone just a tiefling mini?  The choices are somewhat limited.  So, when I came across this mini, I knew it was the best mini for the task.  It’s technically a hellborn miniature from Reaper that is meant for the Pathfinder RPG.  Hellborn aren’t exactly the same as tieflings, but the visual similarities are there to D&D’s tiefling race.  Just add a tail.  Of course, this mini doesn’t have a tail, but we’ll just say it’s hidden beneath the cloak.

After ordering the mini, an interesting comment came up during one of our play sessions. The player mentioned how, if he could choose to do so, his character would totally have flames on his armor.  He’s a “sneaky” rogue who basically goes “LOOK AT ME!!” much of the time with his actions.  Very impulsive.  Not the most discreet character…  However…  Flames?  Oh, we have flames!  The mini was a perfect choice, since it had a flame motif molded right into it.  Now I just had to figure out how to paint him…

I decided to use a dark red-purple color for the skin.  Many tiefling images show a reddish-purple skin tone.  Mine may be a bit too dark, but I think it works.  I also went with yellow pupils and black hair to sort of match the whole flame motif I was planning.

Tiefling 1The horns were interesting to paint.  I used black on the tips and dirty bone on the rest of the horn.  Then I attempted to sort of streak the horns with a tiny bit of black, using a really splayed out old brush that I use just for dry-brushing.  It worked, but it took several tries to really get the look right.  Sometimes I’d end up not using a light enough touch and apply way too much black, so I’d paint over the horn and try again.

To match the character description, I made his armor super-flashy.  I layered yellow, two colors of orange, a rusty red, and a dark red to paint all of the flames on the mini.  Yellow…  It’s not the easiest color to paint.  It typically requires multiple applications to cover any base color, especially black.  It’s a pain in the behind, but definitely worth the effort.  I also added a flame motif to the cape to match the rest of the outfit.  I considered wet blending here, but trying to get flames out of that technique takes more skill than I have right now.  So, I went with a layered approach, and then watered down the colors a bit so as to make a wash to help blend each color together.

Tiefling 2The armor is straight up black.  I added dark gray highlights to help details pop out, but I didn’t want to change the armor color.  I really like the black leather armor as it is. There are a few points of interest around the armor that I didn’t notice right away.  The knee pads have horned skulls on them, the hip pads are skulls, and the shoulder pads are some sort of demon face with a nose ring.  These I brushed with a dirty bone color.

Underneath the black leather armor is a little bit of chain mail, so I brushed a little metallic silver onto the peaks to make it stand out.  I also added metallic silver accents to the boots and to the spikes on one of the bracers.  Metallic silver also went on the blade of his sword.  The metallic yellow for the hand guard of the sword is actually a mixture of Vallejo metallic medium and a tiny bit of yellow paint, so that it would look like brass.  Then I hit the brass area with a brown wash to finish the look.

Lastly, the base was covered with very fine dark gray sand and a few little tufts of Gale Force 9’s static grass.  This is only the second mini I’ve done with grass, but I’m really starting to like using it.  The grass really gives the base a nice change in texture and color.

So, there you have it!  The stealthy-yet-flashy tiefling rogue.


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