Painting Minis – Castle Ravenloft #1 – Werewolf & Wolves

Wolf pack

Wolf 1Having just finished up my tiefling rogue mini, I still had a hankering to paint something.  But, I didn’t want to undertake anything overly challenging right now.  I looked at a pile of minis I had taken out to begin running the D&D 5E Starter Set campaign, The Lost Mine of Phandelver, and I saw a set of wolves sitting there.  Easy enough, might as well paint those.  While I was at it, I picked up the werewolf mini, as well, since I’d use a similar paint scheme.  The werewolf and the wolves are all taken from the Castle Ravenloft D&D adventure board game.  (So much for finishing one set before starting another… *sigh*)

Wolf 2

Honestly, there’s not a lot to go over on these minis.  I primed them all in black, then covered them using RMS Armor Gray, which is fairly dark.  I lightened up the gray with a touch of white and then dry-brushed highlights all over the high points of the fur.  I washed the minis with a black wash to deepen the crevices a bit and create more contrast.  When the wash was dry, I touched up the highlights again with the same lightened gray color.

For the faces of the wolves, I filled the eyes in with black and added a white dot to imitate a spot of light reflecting on the eyes.  The nose was painted black.  The mouth was filled in with black, and then I carefully brushed white onto the teeth.  I keep finding it easier to dry-brush the teeth when I hold the brush perpendicular to the teeth, but I move the brush parallel to the teeth.  For some reason, that seems to keep the paint where I want it, rather than swiping all over the place.  In any case, it’s a technique that works for me.

I did the same steps with the werewolf, but I deliberately left the black wash off of the face of the werewolf to make it stand out a little bit more.  It was blending in too much with the rest of the head.  Darkening the rest of the head helped define the face more.

Lastly, I based the minis with a tan sand.  And for a final touch, I added a few tufts of grass.

Overall, it was fairly quick and simple.  It probably only took me a few hours to go from start to finish on all of the minis, including priming and basing.


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