Painting Minis – The Grick (Chthon)

Grick 4

Today I wasn’t really in the mood to tackle another difficult mini.  But, I got the urge to paint late this afternoon.  So, I grabbed a mini that seemed simple enough and that’s been sitting around for a little while primed and ready for paint.  I grabbed the grick.

Grick 2Technically, it’s a Chthon (made by Reaper), whatever that is…  In D&D, it highly resembles a grick.  Otherwise, I think it sort of resembles a Lovecraftian Chthonian.  Think a large worm with tentacles coming out of its mouth.  It’s weird… but that’s the point, I suppose.

In any case, I chose to paint it so that it most-closely resembles the grick from the D&D 5e Monster Manual.  Green skin, tan belly, tentacles with suction cups.

This is another one that didn’t really require a lot of crazy techniques.  I primed it in black, then basecoated the mini with a dark green that was mixed using a dark green, a dark brown, and a medium brown in a ratio of about 1:1:1.  That way it had a more earthy tone to it.  I lightened that green up to dry-brush highlights on the scales and the ridges of the top two tentacles.

Grick 1The belly was first coated in a darker brown color to fill in the shadows under each belly segment.  Then I used a medium brown for the belly segments, adding just a tiny speck of yellow to warm it up a bit.  I then lightened that belly brown color to add highlights on the belly segments.

For the tentacles, I used a moderately-light pink/flesh color as a base coat.  I then lightened that up to paint the higher ridges of the tentacles (the center, as well as the edges).  This helped to deepen the shadowing a bit.  Lastly, a very light pink to just highlight the center ridge of each tentacle.  I also used this Grick 3very light pink to color the “teeth”.  Inside the mouth, I used a medium-dark red.  And lastly, the suction cups, I made dots using the very light pink color and then put smaller dots of dark purple in the center of each one.

To finish off the mini, I painted the rocky base black and then coated it with a dark gray sand.  Nothing really special here.  I went with a dark gray because I figure gricks are usually found in caves or other dark places.

I have to say, I think it came out better than I anticipated.  I really like the addition of the suction cups.  This is going to be a really cool monster mini.


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