Dragons Don’t Share – The Unboxing


Today I received something awesome in the mail.  I’ve been wanting this for a while now, and wanting it badly.  And now it all mine!  MINE, I SAY!  *maniacal laughter*  Ahem…  sorry.  Let’s continue.

As soon as I saw this, I knew it had huge potential and could fit in really nicely into the D&D campaign for the Lost Mine of Phandelver.  (I won’t say where, though, in case any of my players read this…)  And with my birthday a few days ago, I couldn’t help myself.

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Meet the Reaper Bones diorama “Dragons Don’t Share”!  Look at it.  Take it all in.  Imagine the potential.  *breathes deeply*  It just reeks of awesome, doesn’t it?

The set is made up of multiple ruins that can form a larger ruined castle/tower area, or you can separate the parts a bit to spread them out a bit more for more of a larger ruined area feel.  It comes with a set of five hero miniatures (One of which is the Dwarf Cleric that I’ve already painted and covered in a previous post.).  And lastly, the villain is a seven-piece red dragon that is absolutely huge.  Based on its size next to a typical mini and a really quick tape measurement, I estimate a height of around 5-6 inches and a wingspan of around 15 inches.  And the height doesn’t include the length of the tail.  Unfortunately, the dragon is meant to fit into one of the set pieces to act as a base, so it won’t stand on its own.  But, we’ll see what I can do with that.  You can see the holes in the piece of ruins near the center of the image below.  This is where the dragon’s feet are inserted to hold it upright.

Reaper DDS - Full Set

I’ll have to do some work to fit all of the pieces for the dragon and the ruins together really well, including dipping them in hot water to let the plastic relax back to its original shape.  But, it’ll totally be worth the effort.

I cannot wait to see the ruins painted up.  Those are what I’ve been waiting for.  But, I have to admit, I really want to see the dragon in color.  I have a few large dragons that I displayed in the D&D board game bosses post, but this one is now the largest of them, and none of them are painted, yet.  I wonder if my 2nd-level party of adventurers wants to fight an adult red dragon..?


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