Painting Minis – Hyrekia, Dragonthrall Mage

Things have been pretty busy lately, so it’s been tough to get my brain to focus on any particular hobby or task.  But I want to get back to painting.  I have tons of minis to paint. It’s just a matter of making the time. And I finally sat my butt down and painted my latest mini: Hyrekia, the elven dragonthrall mage.

Hyrekia mage 1-smOne of the newer players at our FLGS showed a lot of interest in painted minis.  And while she wants to get into painting, she isn’t quite ready to invest in it just yet. So, I offered to paint her wizard’s mini for her so she’ll have a finished mini to use as her wizard for the rest of our Curse of Strahd campaign at the shop.

This mini’s color scheme was based upon colors that the player wanted.  Red robes and brown hair.  Anything else was up to me.

As usual, I started with the face first, painting in and dotting the eyes.  I went with a green eye color.  But, considering the mini ended up with blue accents, I would have gone with blue eyes if I could do it over again.  But, I figured a brown-haired person would be more likely to have brown or green eyes than blue.  So, I went with green. In any case, the eyes are so small they really go unnoticed unless you really look closely.  So, that’s not really a big deal.

Hyrekia mage 3-smThen I painted in all skin areas.  I ended up correcting the skin tone because I didn’t have enough red tint and the skin looked yellowish.  So, I mixed a second bit of skin-colored paint and went over everything again.  Another hindsight moment:  I believe I should be putting some shadowing around the eyelids to give the eyes more depth.  I’ll have to remember that for next time…

After the skin was done, I did wooden items, such as the staff, and the brown boots and bracers.  Then I proceeded to do the red robes.  These started with a crimson base color, but I felt like that wasn’t vibrant enough.  It was too dark and lacked richness.  So, I went over it with multiple coats of RMS Brilliant Red.  And I have to say… red is a difficult color when it comes to coverage.  You really need to just do a bunch of thin layers to get a nice, solid coverage.  You can’t just glop it on or you’ll end up with cracking when the paint shrinks and dries.  So, patience is definitely needed with red.

Hyrekia mage 4-smAfter I finished the red robes, I added highlights around fold peaks and whatnot using just a slightly lightened red color.  Overall, I’m really happy that I did the dark base coat first, because it actually ended up giving the paint more depth down in the creases.

After the robes came the hair.  I mixed my usual brown color, but added some red to warm it up a bit.  I’m really happy with how it came out.

Lastly, I took care of the rest of the details.  The pack. The dagger. The pewter mug and the blue and silver… container?  I’m not sure what that thing is.  I just figured it’s filled with something magical for the mage to use. And I added the black leather straps.  I really think using the black creates some nice contrast against the red, and helps avoid the muddled look of too much brown on the mini.

Hyrekia mage 2-smTo wrap things up, I super-glued the mini to a round base for more stability.  The mini had a small base, making it really prone to toppling over.  At the shop, our mats have some waves in them, so the larger base will really come in handy.  I also added grayish sand to the base.  After the glue dried, I hit the mini with clear and I’m done!

Overall, I like this mini.  I wanted to do something more with the robes.  But, I also didn’t want to take forever to return the mini to its owner, or get too fancy and mess it up and have to strip the paint and start over. It still has some nice, subtle highlights around the robes.  And I like the blue/white fade on the staff.  Considering she’s a dragonthrall mage, I’m assuming those are likely to be blue dragon scales or something.  Anyway, I’m happy with it.  Especially since I got to paint again. I should do this more often…


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