Painting Minis – D&D Temple of Elemental Evil #1 – Bugbears

Bugbears - Front

Sometimes I’m in the mood to paint.  Other times, not so much.  This was a case of not really being in the mood to paint for a while, because I knew that these might take a little while.  But, I finally sat down and got them done.

Bugbears - SingleMeet the bugbears.  Distant cousins to goblins and hobgoblins, these creatures are an odd combination of humanoids, goblins, and some furry creatures (most-likely bears, I suppose). Originally created as a way to scare naughty children or to keep them from running off into the woods by themselves, these guys are most-certainly not your friends.

To paint them, I started with the eyes and mouth, as usual.  Getting those done to avoid having to be super-careful after painting the fur.  I gave them large pupils, since it seemed scarier.

Then I moved on to the fur.  Normally, I have a standard brownish color that I use.  But, since they have leather armor, I didn’t want to use that.  It would blend too much with the armor.  So, I added a hint of red to make it stand out.  I really like how it turned out.

Bugbears - Side SingleThis is where I took a long break.  I had finished the face and fur, but I just didn’t feel like finishing them off.  They’ve sat for weeks, just taunting me.  I finally sat down the past couple of days to get them done.

Next up, I took on the armor.  I wanted some contrast, so I chose to make some armor pieces black and others brown.  I also used black for some trim edges on the armor.  In this case, I used my standard brown mixture for the armor.  (A 1:1 ratio of RMS Harvest Brown and RMS Armor Grey.)  I also took a moment to paint their spiked clubs or maces, or whatever those things are.  I used my standard brown and added a touch of white to lighten it a tad for variation against the armor color.

Bugbears - Rear Single

To wrap things up, I painted the… loin cloths?… and the center spots on the shoulder pads, making them different colors.  Since I plan to use these for D&D, I wanted to make them different for tracking hit points during combat. Then, I did the metallic areas and the studs in the armor. I also dry-brushed light metallic highlights on the peaks around the weapons.  And lastly, I dry-brushed fur highlights and added base material.

Another set of minis down!  On to the next batch.


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