Painting Minis – Mystic

Mystic 3We’re gearing up to begin a new D&D campaign, which means it’s time to get some more minis painted up!  This is for a new (to us) player in our group.  I’m opening up our campaign to homebrew and Unearthed Arcana character options, and he wants to play a human mystic.  Not only that, but WizKids has released a whole slew of new, unpainted minis for D&D and Pathfinder!  These minis have some great detail, and two in one pack!  They’re an excellent value for the price, and they come pre-primed with Vallejo gray primer.  If you’re ready, just paint and go!  Of course, I had to spend a couple hours trimming mold lines for a couple of minis before I was ready…  but that’s because I’m particular about not seeing them in my minis.

Mystic 1Anyway…  So, our friend picked out the Human Male Monk for the Pathfinder line of minis.  And, based upon his backstory, wanted to use surise/sunset colors for the paint, avoiding any and all black as it’s against his character’s beliefs.  I ended up taking that fairly literally, and painted him as though he were an actual sunset, with yellow on the bottom gradually going to a dark blue on the top.

To start out, after trimming as much of the mold parting line as I could, I painted him with white, just to seal any exposed plastic again and get a light base coat.  I then started with the eyes and skin, as usual.  I added a touch of Harvest Brown, a warmer medium brown, to help not only darken but warm the skin color and reflect a bit of weathered skin.  I also used a brown wash in the crevices to define the muscles a bit.

After the skin was done, I began working on the clothing.  I painted the robe bottom a solid Fireball Orange to start out.  Then I used very light coats to fade that to yellow at the bottom, and then to a Rusty Red at the waist.  I continued the gradient of colors to the sash at his waist, hitting that with a Crimson Red.

Mystic 2Before moving to the top, I decided to mix a purple color for the… I’ll call them paraments…  I’m not sure of the proper term.  I mixed a purple and a bit of red to warm it a bit so it fit with the sunset theme.  Then I hit the details with some thin lines of Nightsky Blue.

Up top, I added Nightsky Blue to the clothing and my custom brown for the leather.  The swords I painted with the same leather brown for the hilts, Honed Steel for the blades, and Citadel’s Fulgurite Copper for the lion head detail in front of the hand guards.

Then I applied my base and texture for the ground, including some gray ballast to start out, then some earth-colored fine foam texture, and a few tufts of grass.

I wrapped things up by hitting the mini with clear matte varnish to seal everything.  After the clear coat dried, I hit the swords with metallic paint again to get them to sparkle, since the matte finish flattens that out significantly.

Mystic 4


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