Painting Minis – Rat Swarms

Rats 1Rats.  Rats everywhere.  They’re a fairly common enemy in D&D, especially at lower levels.  I happen to have a trio of rat swarm miniatures that came with the Castle Ravenloft board game, and I’ve had them primed and ready for paint for months now.  It was finally time to get some color on them.

Because they’re not terribly detailed, I stuck with painting solid colors on them.  The rat colors are: black, Armor Grey, Shadowed Stone, Harvest Brown, and Dirty Bone.

Rats 2I tried brushing the heads so that I’d leave the eyes and insides of the ears black, if I could.  Again, the detail wasn’t perfect, so not all of the rats have black eyes/ears.  But with rats this small, it won’t be a big deal.

I also dry-brushed the tails with Dirty Bone.

Other than that, I covered the base in black and hit the minis with a matte clear varnish to finish them off.

Sorry the photos aren’t great, but they’re quite difficult to photograph, with all of the dark colors.


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