Painting Minis – Female Aasimar

Aasimar 1Painting is coming in bunches lately.  This time it’s for my wife’s mini for our D&D 5E game with friends, playing through Storm King’s Thunder.  She created an Aasimar character.  We couldn’t find the perfect mini, so I modified one of the new figures from Wizkids.  This one comes from the 2-pack of Female Sorcerer minis for the Deep Cuts Pathfinder line.Aasimar 2

I ended up trimming some bits off that didn’t fit her character.  We got rid of the ribbon-like belt and cloth hanging down in front, as well as the weapon/stick behind her waist.  I also trimmed away the choker around her neck.  This part is pretty tricky, since I’m not that familiar with modifying minis.  Trying to trim something away and get a really nice, smooth surface to paint isn’t that easy.  I did okay in some areas, but others not so much.  As long as you don’t look at it too closely, it won’t be terribly noticeable.

Aasimar 3

The Aasimar is supposed to focus around fire.  So, my wife chose red hair and a green cape, with the clear magical force being treated as fire.  She also wanted a cream-colored top, brown pants, and leather boots and strapping.  Oh, and green eyes.

I started with the eyes and skin, as usual.  Then I moved on to the pants, top, and corset.  From there, I worked on the hair, putting a base of rusty red down, with lighter red, orange, and just a hint of yellow in for highlights.

Next up, the front… buckle?  Shield?  Holy symbol?  I made some flames on a green background.  Next up, I hit the cape with a darkish green color.  And lastly, I took care of the staff and flame in each hand.

Aasimar 5The fire was neat.  I hit it with a technical glaze from Citadel (Spiritstone Red) to get a red base.  Then I used thinned orange and yellow paints to get a brighter color near the center of the fireball, fading to red at the tips.  I tried to use a black wash just along the very tips of the flames to give it a slightly smoky look.

Overall, this mini has a simple look, yet I really like how she turned out.  Now… if I can just figure out how to smooth trimmed areas better, I’d be really happy.


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